"Festival Cultural "Étnica": Música y Danzas del Mundo"

The cultural festival “Étnica”, organized by the Foundation Palau Ducal and the NGO Globalmon, is the first global music festival organized in the town of Gandia. This musical and dancing proposal has been celebrated every summer from 2003 and the town hall of Gandia collaborates to it. The main objective of Étnica is to promote the solidarity and the helping of the third world countries and to spread the different cultures of the world, from the most traditional ones to the most revolutionary ones.

By organizing this festival, the Ducal Palace of Gandia tries to emphasize the idea of intercultural exchanges to a town such as Gandia, which already hosts more than 20.000 immigrants and, at the same time, to coordinate the integration of the immigrants through the supportive action of cooperation.

At 'Ethnic 2011' we will enjoy with the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.